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Accountability, Engagement, and Results!

For those looking to take their Lifestyle Redesign to the next level, we created LRD Accountability Group—a limited-spot offering that takes everything wonderful about LRD and then adds group coaching and even more community into the mix. Sounds incredible, right?

It is. 
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Why Group Coaching?

As humans, we are built for community. We are stronger together and when it comes to our weight loss journey, this is no exception. While LRD is a self-guided course and some women thrive in this type of structure, we recognized that many women find greater success when they have additional accountability and community resources. And so, we created the LRD Accountability Group.



When you enroll in the LRD Accountability Group, you get access to everything included in the LRD Starter Course, and more. If you haven’t already learned about the LRD program itself, we encourage you to do so before you continue reading.


LRD Overview

Okay, now that you’ve learned all about our five-step program, our pillars of health and my story—you did go read all this, right?! Good. Now that you’ve learned about the LRD foundation, I can tell you more about Group Coaching. 

In LRD, you have access to countless lessons, recipes, workouts, resources, trainings and more—and the same goes for Group Coaching. But, unlike the starter course which is completely self-guided, the Accountability Group provides coaching every step of the way. 

  • Unlimited access to daily coaching and community
  • Personalized and certified behavior change, fitness, nutrition and weight loss mentorship
  • Exclusive, private community filled with other women also on their wellness journey
  • Daily support and personalized feedback to help you achieve your healthiest self
I'm ready
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But you might be trapped in the daily grind - confused, overwhelmed, and depleted. 


The vast majority feel: 

Confused about the best way to fuel their bodies and exercise for optimal results

Overwhelmed trying to create a wellness routine that works for them

Depleted trying to change their habits without any support 

This isn’t surprising. 

Starting a new wellness routine can be overwhelming. 

I struggled to lose weight and find healthy habits that worked for me for over a decade. I felt so alone. 


But you don’t have to. 


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Your Results are the Focus

Interact with a team dedicated to helping you reach your health and wellness goals every single week to get your personal questions answered and the support you need to stay focused

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Certified Coaches + A private Facebook Community

Get access to certified nutrition, behavior change and weight loss specialists inside of a safe, supportive and private community. You’ll connect with like-minded women ready to cheer you on.

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We Take the Stress Out of Fitness and Nutrition

Never again wonder what the most effective routine is for your health. We don’t just focus on your eating habits and physical changes, we take a holistic approach to wellness by also improving your mental and emotional well-being. We walk with you step-by-step through the process to improve your overall health. 

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Adjusts to Your Schedule and Wellness Preferences

Busy schedule? No problem. Want to exercise at home? Let’s do it. Have injuries or food allergies? We will help you out. Need Restaurant Modifications? You got it. Going on vacation? We’ve got you covered. No matter what, we will make sure LRD fits into your schedule and helps you make lifestyle changes along the way so you can stay consistent and continue feeling your best.

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Designed for Results that Last

Inside of LRD Accountability Group, results that last are the real measurement of success. You’ll notice, LRD doesn’t start you off on a restrictive diet or making dramatic changes to your lifestyle that you aren’t ready for. Instead, we teach you to implement small changes, little by little, at a pace that has been proven to work.

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Positive Motivation for Real-Life

The struggles and challenges that you might be going through are real and hard to face alone. LRD Accountability Group was created to provide positive motivation and support from female wellness coaches and a community that understands what you’re going through. We will be with you every step of the way. 

And, if you fall off the wagon, your coach and support team will offer the non-judgmental support you need to get back up.

Let's Do This


Enrollment opens three times a year. If we are not currently enrolling, you can join our waitlist to be notified when the next Accountability Group is available to join.

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Instead of me telling you about the weight you’ll lose, habits you’ll break, better energy, mood, sex drive and skin you’ll have and all the other millions of benefits, why don’t I let my former group members do the talking (though I’m always happy to rant about results whenever you want to hear it).

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It’s My Turn
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In all my years, I’ve learned a lot about how to:
A) Create sustainable routines to protect myself from derailing the healthy lifestyle I crave
B) Protect my students from getting sucked into fad diets or unhealthy wellness habits they’ll come to regret.
It took me 12 years to find a system that creates both mental and physical freedom through proper nutrition, time management, exercise, and a self-care routine I love. Now, I am passing it on to you in this offer! In the past, I tried to do a lot of stuff all by myself. But you don’t have to!

I have helped dozens & dozens of women lose up to 30+ lbs and shift their unwanted habits with the science of behavior change.

LRD Accountability Group gives you hands-on training, support, and WEEKLY coaching to enable you to get results tailored to your personal health goals and sustain them long-term. 

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No more feeling overwhelmed, tired, confused, or depleted for you! I am going to (really kindly and supportively) motivate and encourage you to transform your life with small changes at the pace I know is right for you. 


Well, you’re in good company. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about LRD and the Accountability Group.

So, what are you waiting for?

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